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Amazon launches in-app purchasing API

Amazon has launched its In-App Purchasing API, intended to turn one-time app buyers into repeat customers, the company said in a YouTube video.

The In-App Purchasing API allows customers using Android-based devices to access in-app content, such as subscriptions, exclusive digital content, digital currency or downloadable content (DLC) for games, depending on the nature of the app. These initial purchases will prompt a call to action for more purchases from a single app, Amazon said in a release. Marketers can also measure the success of each call to action.

In-app purchases can either be purchased for single devices or as a multi-device item, which include premium game unlocks and magazines, the company said. Single-device items include in-game currency.

In January, Facebook added in-app currency, allowing customers to register for accounts such as Flixster or get credit cards in exchange for virtual money or Facebook credits that to be used in games.

Customers using the In-App Purchasing API include Gameloft, Condé Nast and Disney, among others.

Amazon could not be immediately reached for comment.

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