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Alleyways turn business hubs in downtown Alpena

Alpena Business Hubs
Alpena Business Hubs

Downtown Alpena has recently witnessed significant transformations, particularly its former alleyway spaces now being used for business. Notably, Hopside Brewery utilizes these rejuvenated spaces, appending a new breath of life to the downtown vicinity.

Few weeks back, Alpena’s Municipal Council decided to close the alleyway, aiming to provide various businesses along Chisholm Street, such as the Rusty Petunias and Hopside Brewery, room to expand their operational boundaries. This transition significantly enhances local business participation and attracts more customers, enriching the urban landscape.

In parallel, it extended outdoor spaces present local businesses with further opportunities for commercial activities. This would enable them to accommodate more customers, host events, and display goods, anticipating an economic upturn for the area.

The alleyway closure also appreciably improves safety in the downtown area, mitigating traffic congestion and enabling an environment conducive to pedestrians. Consequently, residents and visitors to Chisholm Street would experience a worry-free exploration of the street.

Following the positive public reaction towards the closure, local businesses are eager to exploit the opportunities the improved downtown provides.

Alleyways evolving into Chisholm Street’s business expansion

With the responsive Municipal Council and the supportive community, the future of Alpena Downtown, particularly Chisholm Street, seems bright and has great potential.

The renowned Anne Gentry, who heads Alpena’s Downtown Development Authority, revealed an extensive plan for the alleyway. It includes relocating handicapped parking and business waste containers, creating large flower boxes for decoration, and transforming the alleyway into a communal space for outdoor dining and entertainment.

Furthermore, construction is underway to create flower beds as part of the alleyway enhancement efforts. Community involvement is encouraged in the selection of plants and their ongoing maintenance. Once complete, this project will symbolize collective effort, sustainability, and neighborhood pride.

Additionally, businesses near the alleyway are creatively using the newfound space. For example, Hopside Brewery will introduce outdoor games, and the Green Vegan Diner is expanding its garden into the alley to provide guests with an immersive dining experience.

Lastly, ambitious plans exist for the thorough renovation of downtown Alpena, like modernizing the Culligan Plaza and introducing public restrooms near the plaza’s parking lot. In summary, these combined transformations aim to establish downtown Alpena as a vibrant, welcoming hub for locals and tourists alike.

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