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ALC of NY Gains Several New Files

ALC of New York LLC added the Skechers USA By Mail, Balducci.com and Popcorn Factory files to its list management roster.

The Skechers USA By Mail footwear catalog file has 150,000 12-month buyers, an average unit of sale of $67 and is 75 percent female. Selects include geography, gender and Internet buyers at postal address. This is the first time the file has been on the market for list rental.

The Balducci.com file of gourmet food buyers has 50,000 last-12-month buyers and is comprised of 76 percent female buyers ages 35 to 54 with $75,000-plus household incomes. The average order on the file is $105. The file is recommended for offers of food, kitchenware, general merchandise and more.

The Popcorn Factory catalog list is comprised of 200,000 last-12-month buyers of items, including popcorn tins, flowers and gift baskets. The average order is $55 and the file is 67 percent female. The age range of the buyers is 30 to 54.

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