ALC of New York's NetMail Wins Political Lists

ALC of New York LLC's NetMail, its interactive services group, has been appointed list manager for three new political files. is a file of more than 9,000 opt-in e-mail addresses of subscribers to this Web site about conservative American politics. The file is 78 percent male and 69 percent Republican.

The file has more than 28,000 opt-in e-mail addresses. The site polls its users on matters of American economics and morals. Poll results are presented to national leaders and the media. The site's audience is 78 percent male and 69 percent Republican. is a nonpartisan Web site about U.S. politics. Members can register to vote, participate in online discussions and contact government agencies through the site.

The members are mostly male, and recencies of three, six and 12 months are available. Additional selects include geography and gender.

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