ALC of New York Offers Sugar Substitute Database Segments

ALC of New York LLC was named list manager of four new-to-market Equal database files.

The Equal sugar substitute lists consist of consumers who have responded to magazine ads, direct mail promotions, customer surveys or the Equal Web site.

Equal Recipe Requesters has more than 183,000 last-12-month requesters at a base price of $130 per thousand.

Equal Medical Ailment Master File has more than 1.7 million households with self-reported ailment information. The base price is $125/M.

Equal Senior Citizens Marketplace has more than 390,000 consumers age 55 and older at a base price of $125/M.

Equal Enhanced Database has more than 1.7 million households with enhanced demographic and psychographic data such as age, ethnicity, presence of children, magazine buyers and sweepstakes entrants. The base price is $125/M.

The Equal files are 68 percent female with an average household income of $50,000 per year.

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