ALC Debuts Habitat for Humanity

American List Counsel, Princeton, NJ, announced the availability of the Habitat for Humanity list for rental to commercial direct marketers for the first time.

The file consists of 1.3 million charitable donors who contributed to the nonprofit organization. It is 52 percent female with almost half of the donors being younger than 50 and having an average household income of $50,000 or more.

Habitat for Humanity offers selects such as recency, geography, gender and dollar. The base price is $85/M.

ALC recommends the file for consumer offers of apparel, housewares, book clubs, epicurean merchandise, gardening supplies, gifts, collectibles, health and publishing.

In other list news:

Edith Roman Adds VNU Files

Edith Roman Associates, Pearl River, NY, was named list manager for several files from VNU Business Media, which were added to the 51 subscriber files and 29 databases it already managed for VNU.

The files include Adweek, Brandweek, Editor & Publisher, SHOOT and IQ Directory. These subscriber files bring the VNU Business Masterfile to more than 2.5 million postal addresses available through Edith Roman.

The VNU opt-in e-mail database has more than 680,000 names.

Edith Roman also added nine new VNU databases. They are Advertising & Media World, Arts & Entertainment, Canadian, Construction, Education, Financial, Government, Real Estate Professionals and Ethnic Database.

George-Mann Gains Plus Size File

George-Mann Associates Inc., Freehold, NJ, announced its management of the Amplestuff file of more than 57,000 last-12-month buyers of plus size apparel and products.

The file is 77 percent female with an average unit of sale of $80. The average age is 40, and the average income is $90,000. Selects include geography and gender, and the base price is $95/M.

The file is sourced from direct mail and space ads.

Lake Group Offers Scientific American E-Mail Names

Lake Group Media Inc., Rye, NY, said that its Lake Interactive division was named list manager for the Scientific American e-mail file of more than 47,000 opt-in names.

The file is new to the market and consists of professional individuals with average household incomes of $109,000. Eighty-five percent have attended college, 67 percent are married and 81 percent are homeowners.

Lake Interactive recommends this list for credit card, apparel, subscription, fundraising, high-ticket merchandise, electronics and travel offers.

The base price is $300/M.

Leon Henry Manages Infomercial File

The management division of Leon Henry Inc., Scarsdale, NY, was awarded the Dermal Tone list of 284,000 buyers.

These buyers responded to a 30-minute infomercial for a facial treatment. They have an average age of 30-plus, and an average household income of $40,000. All of the mostly female respondents paid with a credit card.

Telephone numbers are available on the file. The base price is $100/M.

Leon Henry recommends this list for general merchandise, diet, health, fitness, credit card, household, book, magazine and promotional offers.

LTS Creates Shoppers Database

List Technology Systems Group, New York, said that its list management services division created the Shoppers Network Database of more than 56.1 million U.S. households.

The file is segmented into nine categories based on multichannel purchasing behavior. The segments are ultra high profile shoppers, high profile shoppers, mega shoppers, classic American shoppers, heartland shoppers, value-minded shoppers, bargain hunters, reluctant shoppers and cash-in-wallet shoppers.

Marketers also can select geography and gender. The database is compiled from several sources, including direct response data and overlays.

Millard Grabs Cuddledown File

Millard Group Inc., Peterborough, NH, took over management of the Cuddledown catalog file of more than 57,000 last-12-month buyers of linens, apparel and home furnishings.

The file is 85 percent female, and the average order is $230. The age range is 35-60, and average household income is $100,000. Selects include geography, gender, dollar and recency. The base price is $110/M.

Millard recommends the Cuddledown file for apparel, home décor, food, fundraising, credit card, gift and publishing offers.

Mokrynski Introduces Pierre Deux

Mokrynski & Associates Inc., Hackensack, NJ, debuted the Pierre Deux catalog list of more than 13,000 active mail-order buyers to the market. The catalog offers home furnishings inspired by 18th and 19th century France.

The buyers are 75 percent female, and the average order is $145. The average age is older than 40, and the average income is $75,000. Geography, recency and gender are selectable, and the base price is $120/M.

Mokrynski recommends the file for offers of home décor, apparel, gifts, jewelry and food.

NAI Announces Apparel Select on Magellan's List

Names & Addresses Inc., Wheeling, IL, said that Magellan's has added an apparel select to its file of more than 198,000 last-12-month buyers.

The select contains 22,000 last-12-month buyers of apparel and 15,000 last-6-month apparel buyers. The apparel select is $11/M in addition to the base price.

The Magellan's file is 47 percent female with an average order of $95.

Walter Karl Wins Barrie Pace

Walter Karl, a Donnelley company, Pearl River, NY, announced its management of the Barrie Pace catalog file of more than 92,000 last-12-month buyers of women's apparel.

The Barrie Pace file is 90 percent female with a $275 average unit of sale. The age range is 35-55, and the average income exceeds $100,000.

Regular selects include geography, gender, recency, dollar, size, product, multi-buyer and credit card. Enhanced selects include age, income, ethnicity, presence of children and age of children.

The base price is $110/M. Walter Karl recommends the file for offers pertaining to apparel, beauty, health, jewelry, upscale gifts, home décor, travel, cultural events, fundraising and gourmet foods.

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