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Alacer goes green with BIG

Alacer Corp., the producer of energy drink mix Emergen-C, has hired Big Imagination Group to build public relations and engagement marketing.

BIG, Culver City, CA, dubs itself an “eco agency.” The group specializes in marketing products on a platform of environmental and social responsibility.

The Alacer campaign hinges on Emergen-C’s slogan “feel the good,” which targets health-conscious, active consumers.

“Our brand strategy is for long-term growth,” said Colette Brooks, chief imagination officer of BIG. “It isn’t really about price-driven, short-term profits, so we are going to invite current customers to share their stories through the new Web site. We’ll have a street team at various musical, cultural and sports events. It’s really about authentically engaging in the community.”

Brooks says the agency will build on the Alacer slogan with a new “share the good” component. “Share the good” refers partly to the content that will run on the revamped Alacer Web site in September. The site will feature user-generated “feel the good” videos and a calendar of community events.

“Share the good” also refers to the eco-friendly and charitable work that BIG is initiating through Alacer. Alacer will launch new cause-related products such as Emergen-C Pink, a drink mix that will donate a portion of sales to breast cancer research.

BIG is also encouraging the Foothill Ranch, CA-based Alacer corporation to make its manufacturing operations more ecologically sustainable.

Brooks acknowledged that the current “green” trend, which has made health and sustainability a $300 billion marketplace, helps in marketing a green product. However, she denied that BIG and Alacer are simply following a fad. “This is part of who we are at BIG,” said Brooks. “I absolutely despise greenwashing.

She continued, “Now we’re getting called by companies that want to tap into the green market, so we have the opportunity to shift what’s going on from the inside out.”

Brooks plans on using engagement-marketing strategies to build the Alacer brand. She expects the brand to grow via word-of-mouth and non-traditional media once the company attracts the attention of “hard core greenies.”

Along with Emergen-C Pink, Alacer plans to introduce a new acai product, with the tentative proposition of contributing money to rainforest preservation. A product that will support clean water initiatives is also in the works.

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