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Airsdirectory.com Takes DM Approach to Relaunch

Airsdirectory.com, a destination for e-recruitment training and information services, is launching a direct marketing initiative next month to promote its site relaunch.

To reach recruiters and human resources managers, the site will use direct mail as well as online direct marketing initiatives.

“The purpose of the campaign is to announce our new updates — to tell them that the Web site, more than just links, [is] important for Internet recruiting,” said Tim McKegney, director of sales at Airsdirectory.com, Hanover, NH.

The site plans to send approximately 100,000 direct mail pieces next month. The recipients will be derived from the site’s database of 25,000 recruiters as well as from lists purchased from list brokers. The buys had not been made at press time.

The call-to-action will be a request for recipients to visit the site. The offer will consist of free trials of Airsdirectory.com seminars. The site also will send a free CD-ROM announcing the site’s redesign and the availability of new features to a “more refined” list, McKegney said.

Online, the site will leverage its partnerships with dozens of industry sites, including Hire.com, BestJobsUSA.com and Personic.com. Each site features the Industry News Powered by AIRS news feed. This is original content written by Airsdirectory.com.

This is one of the site’s best marketing tools, McKegney said.

“We don’t really advertise in the traditional way of putting out half-page ads in industry magazines,” he said. “We don’t purchase banners. We’d rather spend our money on developing these relationships with other companies, where we give them news and they get the word out about us.”

Visitors to sites that offer Airsdirectory.com news can sign up to receive daily news updates via e-mail. McKegney plans to e-mail these thousands of recipients information about the site’s new features. He also will contact the 15,000 members of the Airsdirectory.com e-mail database.

Airsdirectory.com offers seminars, news, pertinent links and tools for recruiters looking to find candidates on the Web.

Its new site will include a “knowledge base.” This searchable database will include answers to the most commonly asked questions by recruiters at industry discussion boards.

” ‘What is the best career site to post my jobs to find a Java person?’ That question comes up every week within industry discussion groups,” McKegney said. “One of the pieces we’re doing is building a database of information to give them the answers in a list format.” The new site also will include daily and weekly columnists.

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