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Aflac debuts digital campaign that targets Hispanics

Insurance firm Aflac has launched an interactive Spanish-language campaign, which targets Hispanic consumers in the US. It includes a new interactive Spanish language website, an e-mail marketing push, as well as search, banner ads and homepage takeovers.

“The Spanish speaking community is spending a lot of time online and we want to reach this audience,” said Danny Fleishman, VP of corporate sponsorship and emerging markets for Aflac. “The ultimate goal is to increase our penetration amongst the Hispanic market.”

The effort targets three segments: consumers, business owners and bilingual agents. The messaging across the site and the digital marketing components has been translated from the Aflac English branding message, “You don’t know quack,” which launched in January. Buttons in the messaging ask consumers if they “Conoce quack,” or “Know quack?”

Digital agency Firstborn and Aflac’s Hispanic AOR Conexión created the new effort. Representatives from the agencies were not immediately available.

The site Aflacenespanol.com stars the Aflac Duck and features information about how Aflac works. Visitors are encouraged to learn more through interactive vignettes starring the Aflac Duck. In a section on the site called “Nuestras Historias,” or “Our Stories,” Aflac agents recount their experiences selling Aflac to Hispanics.

Earlier this week Aflac launched a co-branded campaign with Disney’s Pixar unit, which pairs the Aflac Duck with Toy Story 3 characters.

Gaby Alban, COO and cofounder of Conexion, said that the agency “felt that it was very important that the Spanish-language website have the same quality and experience that the English language site provides for its users.”

“We diversified our online strategy through a three-pronged approach that speaks to each of our core targets: consumers, business owners and sales force recruits,” she said. “Within each strategy, we have tailored tactics that include SEM, custom Spanish-language microsites, banners and e-mail marketing, among others.”

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