Advertising cliches get parodied in this terrific “Generic Brand Video”

We all know video ads have familiar cliches and editing, but you won’t realize just how generic they all are until you see this “Generic Brand Video.”

The video itself is really a commercial for stock-footage provider Dissolve which uses its own material to seamlessly craft a video that could be an advertisement for any number of companies. it hits all the necessary marks, swelling piano music, a voice over loaded with gravitas and feelgood images that don’t really say anything. It also takes shots at the forced attempts at showcasing diversity. Next time you make a video for your brand, its probably a good exercise to ask yourself if you’re employing any of the strategies you see in the video. Then again, maybe you’re on the other side of that fence and are thinking, “Wow, I really need to start using Dissolve for all our videos.”

H/T to Simon Dumenco at AdAge for highlighting this:

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