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Advertisements That Understand the Consumer

Consumers today lead multichannel lives, and marketing should reflect that. Take print. Good marketers understand the power of magazines and newspapers to drive traffic to any channel. Yes, it requires considerably more energy than just clicking on a link online. But it means that the consumer has taken an extra step to answer the ad’s call to action. Does that make the lead more valuable? The case can be made.

Here are some recent print ads that stand out for their eye-catching creative and nudge to other channels.

Planters is celebrating its centenary. So it’s running an ad headlined, “Change the face of Planters history. Or the gloves. Or maybe even the cane. Vote @ Planters.com.” Smaller type then adds, “The Planters 100th birthday celebration continues at Planters.com, where you can decide what Mr. Peanut wears to the party.”

Luxury automaker Land Rover is running a double-spread showing its latest LR3 sports utility vehicle. An airplane’s reflection is seen on the car’s glass roof. The headline reads, “The sky, no longer the limit.” Copy below that says, “On April 6th, the LR3 navigated a plane 9,000 feet above the Mediterranean, from Nice to Corsica. See how at landroverusa.com.” And that’s it. Visitors to that site can sit through a marvelous video of that flight.

Finally, there’s the July issue of O: The Oprah Magazine (we get it in the office – thank you, Hearst – just in case you’re thinking). It’s O’s first summer reading issue. The magazine recommends great books and writers like Harper Lee, Toni Morrison and Grace Paley – all vetted by Ms. Winfrey. To sweeten the deal, Amazon.com is offering an extra 10 percent off on 20 selected book titles listed on a special cutout page. Consumers can enter the code OPRAHMAG at checkout when buying these titles. Or they can visit amazon.com/oprahmagazine for more information. What a deal – for Amazon. It made it to O’s cover, and here’s the cover line: “Plus: O’s Amazon.com deal just for you.” Print + Product Placement + E-Commerce + Right Consumer = Results.

To see the ads in a PDF click http://www.dmnews.com/cms/lib/6274.pdf“>here.

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