ADS Offers ResponseCom Database

Applied Data Specialists said yesterday it is offering the new-to-market ResponseCom database of 320 million consumers.

The ResponseCom database is compiled by ADS, Santa Monica, CA, from a variety of sources such as call centers, telephone directories and daily updates of live data. The company also uses its Deep Insight Buyers Base Technology to analyze and make adjustments to the database based on feedback from users.

The database is made up of 70 million responders and buyers known as Revolving ProSumers and 250 million consumers known as Active TruSumers.

The Revolving ProSumers portion offers more than 100 demographic selects including Internet responders, Internet upscale, credit seekers, infomercials buyers, contest players, discount buyers club, credit card buyers, health benefits, diet product buyers, mortgage refinancers, donors, new movers and new homeowners.

The Active TruSumers selects include income, age, telephone number, gender, presence of children, homeowner, occupation, marital status, lifestyle categories, mortgage info, education and presence of credit card.

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