AdRoll Partners With Google to Make the Web Safer

In an effort to protect the privacy and security of Internet users, AdRoll recently announced that its display ad inventory will be encrypted to HTTPS.

The retargeting platform provider has been at the forefront of the industry shift while working with Google and other partners to help lessen the burden of managing SSL compliance from advertisers across all sizes and verticals.

“AdRoll believes in building technology that helps enable digital transparency and security. We are happy to join Google in rallying the industry to create an ecosystem that benefits the advertiser and the consumer,” says AdRoll CTO Valentino Volonghi. “We’ve spent years migrating all our inventory to HTTPS, this investment will help ensure secure and safer ad serving for AdRoll clients.”

AdRoll’s move sets the stage for the adoption of server encryption by the ad tech ecosystem. Its partnership with Google aims to make this approach a standard industry practice.

“AdRoll has been a longstanding partner and one of the first to actively join Google in investing in a more secure advertising ecosystem,” says Chip Hall, director of programmatic platform sales for Google. “It is imperative that the industry works together to make HTTPS a reality everywhere, and we are happy to have partners like AdRoll join the effort to make ad experiences safe and secure.”  

Performance marketing does its part to provide a free Internet by subsidizing the content that users have come to expect. Encrypted communications and strong origin identifiers help protect that user experience and are poised to help the industry thwart fraud, malware, and other security challenges.

“This all started with security problems, malware, phishing,” says Volonghi. “The Web is a scary place.”

For the past three years AdRoll has finagled its platform to make its ad inventory SSL compliant. All ads passed through AdRoll can now automatically detect if a page is SSL compliant and adapt dynamically. Bidders now understand the SSL signal in real time and choose the right creative for SSL-secured inventory.

“We’ve basically enabled our customers to bring back their customers,” says Volonghi.

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