Adobe Buys Big Into Retail

According to the Adobe Digital Index, consumers laid out $83 billion online during the holidays, a nearly 13% increase for e-commerce operations over 2014. Adobe estimates that the Christmas holiday made up 28% of total 2015 sales for Internet retailers, and the company expects the trend to continue with record sales come Valentine’s Day.

“We see that increase in spend and activity as an indicator of growth for marketing clouds, analytics, display advertising, email, and direct mail. Marketing solutions are clearly helping retailers drive order value online,” says Patrick Tripp, senior product manager for Adobe Campaign.

Little surprise, then, that Adobe is unveiling several new data-driven retail solutions to its marketing cloud at the National Retail Federations Big Show in New York. A rundown:

Data-driven remarketing: Allows online sellers to tap behavioral and contextual data to trigger personalized communications such as emails or push notifications. A shopper who just watched a video of knee-high boots might immediately receive an email from a retailer with a $5 coupon for the boots.

Personalized Push: Using Adobe Mobile Core Service and Adobe Analytics, retailers can send personalized messages that are more intuitive. For instance, a retailer can send a push offer for mittens to someone who’s just purchased a scarf.

Shoppable experiences: Going on research that clearly showed a lift in consumer engagement with messages that are relevant and contextual across all channels, Adobe has synched its Target and Experience Manager functions to test and target interactive content with shoppers across mobile, social, and in-store.

Digital meets physical: To enhance the above, Adobe introduces Experience Manager Screens, large in-store visual displays that repeat the same product imagery shoppers may see on their home PC screens or mobile devices.

“We will continue to beat our drum in the e-commerce ecosystem,” Tripp says. “We want to pursue how we can get more programmatic and more targeted by leveraging the interests and activities of consumers.”

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