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Adobe bets on mobile, Internet of Things

First reports from the Adobe Summit, underway today in Salt Lake City, Utah, reflect the marketing cloud leader’s commitment to mobile channels and the Internet of Things.

In a press release, Adobe announced an integrated mobile platform within its marketing cloud which it described as “the first of its kind.” The platform is designed to help businesses manage mobile marketing capacity, from app development through to use engagement and metrics. “With our mobile platform we aim to dramatically simplify the highly fragmented app development process, making it simple to build and iterate on apps to maximize app customer engagement,” said Matt Asay, VP for mobile strategy at Adobe. This is more important than ever before in light of Adobe Digital Index data, which shows a new record in the use of mobile devices, including Internet of Things and wearables.”

Adobe also announced enhancements to its marketing cloud which will help marketers build customer experiences across physical touch points such as retail outlets, hotel rooms, vending machines, and any Internet of Things-enabled device. “Marketing is getting physical and moving with consumers everywhere they go,” said Brad Rencher, senior VP for digital marketing.

Adobe is covering The Hub’s travel and expenses to attend the event

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