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Adobe adds real-time data predictive features for Analytics and Media Optimizer

Adobe launched the next phase of its big data solutions yesterday with the introduction of real-time stats and predictive analytics for its flagship Adobe Analytics platform.

Adobe Analytics is the core product for Adobe’s integrated Digital Marketing Cloud with the new features, Adobe is introducing a higher level of integration, enabling two-way data sharing between Analytics and its other marketing platforms, including Adobe Social, Adobe Target and Adobe Media Optimizer.

Here are the new features for Adobe Analytics, which were announced yesterday at Adobe’s EMEA Summit in London:

Live Stream: Users will now be able to get real-time web analytics instead of having to refresh the screen every few minutes. This works well in conjunction with real-time content testing and quickly optimizing a website depending on what part of it is getting the most visitors. In addition to live data coming in from the web, Analytics will now also be able to collect and display real-time data from Social, Target and Media Optimizer (Adobe Campaign has yet to be integrated into the mix.)

Predictive Analytics: Adobe has also added a predictive element to Analytics which helps marketers anticipate the actions a site visitor or customer will take based on their previous behavior. Analytics builds up a data repository of a customer profile based on their interactions across all digital channels (as well as third party data from a platform such as BlueKai.) These sort of predictive analytics based on behavior were being done earlier by a platform called Resonate, but Adobe has the added advantage of being able to tie it into customer profiles based on demographics as well, giving a larger variety of segments to target.

Unified Segment Builder: With the added influx of data from all the different digital channels, Analytics can now be used to build a specific audience segment with up-to-date information. This is fed into a Master Marketing Profile, an new Adobe service launched last month that presents a single view of a customer to be shared across all the other marketing channels for a unified campaign.

Mobile Analytics: Introduced for measure engagement and download stats for any apps marketers develop for a campaign or just as another digital channel.

Apple iBeacon Support: Allows marketers to deliver and measure personalized content to customers in a live event setting.

In addition to new features for Analytics, Adobe also had a few new updates for Media Optimizer, its platform for coordinating paid and programmatic ad buying across multiple channels:

Predictive modeling: Algorithms to predict campaign performance and ROI across different media channels. This enables marketers to optimize their campaigns and figure out which media mix will produce the most returns.

Unified Campaign Analysis: Tighter integration with Adobe Analytics means marketers can see a broad view of engagement stats, from website metrics to search engine advertising performance. 

Real-time Campaign Management: With the addition of the real-time data stream in Analytics, marketers can change their campaigns and media mixes on the fly, reacting to the real-time information coming in.

Retail Advertising Optimization: The ability to manage display advertising and retail campaigns from a single, optimized feed.

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