Adgregate launches ShopFans Facebook e-commerce app

Adgregate Markets released ShopFans, a social e-commerce technology for Facebook, on April 20. The application allows companies to create storefronts within the popular social network site so consumers don’t need to leave to make a purchase. The platform makes use of the Web site’s social elements, as well, allowing consumers to create wish lists, gift registries, and “like” or comment on purchases.

San Francisco-based Adgregate is promoting the feature as a holistic e-commerce solution that will allow brands to be a part of the conversation on Facebook, while ringing up sales at the same time.  

“We can tap directly into the plumbing of Facebook’s social ‘hooks’ and add whatever functionality the brand wants,” Henry Wong, CEO of Adgregate, told DMNews via e-mail. “It’s completely customizable for the brand.”  

One company using the platform is StyleQ, a retailer that sells celebrity-inspired fashion. Wong noted that StyleQ added the feature to its fan page and used the customization features to allow consumers to review products and opt-in to receive fan mail, among other features. StyleQ did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Wong said Adgregate would announce additional clients soon. 

Like other Facebook applications, ShopFans asks consumers to access their profile information, pulling friends’ info, photos and other content. It also allows marketers to analyze consumer shopping behavior from download to when they make a purchase or abandon their cart, “measuring everything from purchase intent all the way to purchase conversion,” Wong noted.

“We believe these tools not only provide the hard ROI marketers are seeking but also the conditions and data needed to understand what triggers purchase conversions,” he said. 

Asked if consumer hesitation to share information might prevent the use of such apps, Wong noted that it is a requirement of all Facebook applications.

“We understand it’s not the best user experience,” he said. However, Wong added that seals from McAfee and Truste would ensure consumer confidence.  

Adgregate, which launched in 2008, also recently debuted ShopAds, which enables direct purchases from banner ads.

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