Ad Authority and Cast Release offer SMS CRM

Ad Authority has partnered with Cast Release Ltd. to offer a CRM system that deploys text messages to communicate with customers.

Originally designed as a way for companies to reconnect with existing customers who had fallen out of the sales process, the service identifies the mobile phone users in a company’s database and sends a message directly to the customer’s cell phone.

“Many people that we work with in the lead generation business are never able to get a hold of consumers,” said Jake Vale, COO of Ad Authority. “A lot of people who buy leads on a semi-exclusive business are looking to make first contact and make a better impression on consumers. This program gets people more information about the company before they receive a phone call.”

The program also assists marketers in designing the message, which contains three choices for consumer action: response via text, response via phone call or a visit to the company’s Web site. Ad Authority then tracks the replies and forwards them to the client who sent them out.

Vale predicted that the program will be used to contact mainly younger consumers, such as student loan clients.

“This system works to eliminate the people who are not interested in what our clients are offering,” he added. “Our clients may be trying to call them every day, but if they can just hit reply to a text and say ‘I’m not interested’ it saves a lot of time and energy.”

Ad Authority provides Internet marketing for financial services companies, particularly in the student loan and debt consolidation industries. The San Diego, CA-based company also operates the Web sites, and, among others.

Cast Release is an Internet marketing company with sister companies and

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