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Acxiom East?

OgilvyAmp’s Donatelli, Hutchison, Culllen, and Gadberry

When Todd Cullen left Acxiom as VP of Global Data Products a year ago to become the first chief digital officer of Ogilvy & Mather, he told Direct Marketing News that his chief mission was to help marketers find the right needles in the Big Data haystack. This week his vision formally takes shape as OgilvyAmp, a “Global Center for Data Excellence” that will assist enterprises in the complex task of devising data strategies, selecting the right suppliers, and designing methodologies and solutions.

The leadership team of OgilvyAmp has a distinct Arkansan flavor. Joining Cullen in directing the new unit are strategy chief Mark Donatelli, product development leader Brady Gadberry, and technology maven Tom Hutchison—all former directors of product management at Little Rock-based Acxiom.

“Clients are either drowning in data or they are afraid to go in the water,” said Cullen in announcing the launch. “OgilvyAmp is the lifeboat. Rather than allowing data to overwhelm, our focus is on finding the right data sources, strategies, tools, and platforms to help our clients unlock customer value and grow their businesses.”

OgilvyAmp is already working with clients Aetna, Merck, Nestle, Philips, and T-Mobile. Key services of the operation are to evaluate enterprise data capabilities, recommend what data types and suppliers to use, devise client-specific analytics, and select tools and solutions.

“Data is at the heart of Ogilvy and always has been. No one believed in it more than David [Ogilvy],” said Ogilvy & Mather Chairman and CEO Miles Young. “When I appointed Todd Cullen as chief data officer, the idea was to create an innovative data offering, which makes data really useful and less distracting for clients.”

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