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Acxiom Debuts Segmentation System

Acxiom Corp. has launched Personicx, a household-level customer segmentation system.

Personicx places each U.S. household into one of 70 segments based on its consumer and demographic characteristics, according to Acxiom, Little Rock, AR. The segments are based on life stage data such as newly married, new parents, change of residence and retirement.

Using Acxiom's customer data integration software AbiliTec, Personicx integrates and recognizes customer data quickly. Personicx is driven by Acxiom's InfoBase household data, which is updated at least twice each quarter.

Personicx is applied to a company's customer data for analysis. It can help marketers:

· Find new customers that resemble your most profitable customers.

· Identify underperforming consumer segments with high lifetime value potential.

· Identify and retain customers that are at risk for churning.

· Grow the value of existing customer relationships by identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

· Track the performance of critical customer segments over time.

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