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A Conversation with Ajay Yadav, Co-founder of Simplified


Q: What products or services does Simplified sell?

Simplified is an all-in-one AI-powered content creation and marketing platform designed for teams and businesses. It can help you design, create videos, write copy and manage social media accounts without switching tabs.

Simplified offers several different products and services to help businesses generate high-quality content quickly and easily. These include:

  • AI-powered Graphic Design: Create beautiful marketing assets in a click with one-click tools to remove backgrounds, resize images, and reformat one design to work for every social channel. Text-to-Image generator lets users create unique and original AI-generated images and artwork by simply inputting text descriptions for any marketing campaign.
  • Video Editor: Create amazing videos for every channel with Simplified’s video maker. Start with beautiful templates, customize with stock videos, add audio from our library, and generate titles and descriptions with AI. Fast, simple, and ready in a few clicks!
  • AI-powered content generator: Instantly generate copy for ads, captions, quotes & more. Write long-form content in minutes for blogs, books & more. Build a speedy content workflow with your team.
  • Social media management: Bring all your marketing into one app with Simplified’s Content Calendar. Seamlessly create, draft, approve, and publish directly to socials— without switching tabs. Even analyze campaign results in the same place.

At Simplified, we offer a wide range of products and services to help you quickly and easily create marketing campaigns.

Q: What is Simplified known for?

Simplified is a web and mobile tool that uses AI and machine learning to automate the content creation process. With Simplified, marketers and businesses can quickly generate shareable content, complete with copy, images, layouts, and sizing. The app also has real-time collaboration tools and integrations with popular apps like Google Drive and Shopify to streamline marketing workflows.

Simplified’s easy-to-use tools are designed for both speed and accessibility. With Simplified, marketers can produce content that previously required expensive tools or professional skills. For example, if brainstorming content ideas is a bottleneck, the AI copywriter can generate copy ideas in a click; thousands of templates bring a designer’s eye to every post, the AI background remover can professionally remove backgrounds from photos, and the template resizer can convert one design into 30+ formats for publishing.

Q: How did Simplified get started?

Both the founders of this company have firsthand experience with the inefficiencies of siloed marketing campaign teams. Multiple apps slow down the campaign creation process and waste valuable resources.

Today, digital content creation formats ( IG Reels, TikTok videos, Insta posts & Ads) are getting lighter and more interactive. Users are consuming more content than ever. So, this forces marketers to create more content with existing tools to stay relevant. The traditional creativity stack is too slow, complex, non-collaborative, and expensive.

So, we founded Simplified with a shared passion for helping businesses tell their story and streamline the content creation process.

Q: Tell us about the importance of PostFity’s acquisition by Simplified.

The acquisition of PostFity closes the loop for us. Likewise, by pairing social media management and planning with our suite of content creation tools, we will be able to solve the workflow issues that marketers and businesses have dealt with for years. Also, this brings them closer to their teams, helps them measure the performance of their content, and reduces the friction caused by work separated across 5+ different apps.

Q: In what way does this acquisition benefit marketers, etc.?

Marketers need an all-in-one marketing solution that simplifies their workflows and reduces costs. With so many single-service design apps and copywriting tools, users need one app that does everything.

Q: What else would you like us to know?

One of Simplified’s key advantages is its focus on providing a complete, user-friendly solution for all content generation – eliminating toggling between platforms. Likewise, Simplified integrates different AI models and tools, allowing users to instantly create copies using a keyword, rewrite content in multiple ways, generate images using natural language, and more.

Key AI Features:

  • AI-Assisted Writing
  • AI Image Generator (powered by DALL – E and Stable Diffusion)
  • AI Rewriting Tool
  • Create Long Form Content
  • Generate Instant Copies
  • And more!
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