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9 Reasons Why WordPress is Essential for Digital Marketing

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WordPress is a cost-free and open-source content management system. As per a study, WordPress powers 43% of the internet. Do you have questions about which content management system will enable you to connect with clients more successfully if you plan to engage in digital marketing for your company? You are in the right place. Continue reading to discover why WordPress is essential for digital marketing and can be your go-to platform. Especially if you are planning to hire a WordPress development company to enhance your digital marketing strategy to drive web traffic and sales.

Key Reasons Why WordPress is Helpful for Digital Marketing

1. Flexible for Social Media

In digital marketing, content marketing is a crucial aspect. Furthermore, promotion and development are critical in the field of content marketing.

WordPress is aware of this and has made it simple to integrate WordPress websites into social network profiles. You can invite site users to like or share content after publishing it. Installing plugins like Social Jetpack Warfare or Shared Counts will suffice to enable this.

2. Ample Options for Design

In addition to functionality, WordPress offers you a wide range of simple and lovely design options. In addition to helping, you can outperform the design, competition, and look while significantly improving the user experience.

Fortunately, WordPress integrates lovely themes and design templates that you can modify to match your brand’s aesthetic. You can find plugins to suit your demands, whether you want an e-commerce platform or a weekly newsletter. While other high-quality website systems are available, WordPress stands out since it has no programming restrictions and may often be far less expensive.

3. It is simple to update and maintain

WordPress is essential for digital marketing because it is a pro marketing platform and is user-friendly as well. You can add clients as users so they may edit their material or upload sensitive company updates. Also, it is simple to administer websites for clients.

Moreover, you can submit new content or make adjustments on the site without knowing any code because it is simple to use. To keep the website up-to-date and shielded against threats, you can upgrade the theme and automate plugins.

4. WordPress is Seamless for Customization

WordPress customization has become a walk in the park with loads of free plugins. You can get a plugin for almost every function. You can install an add-on if you need to create landing pages or find broken links. 

Different themes with diverse features give you the flexibility to shift or change your site’s functionalities to match your sales needs and customers’ demands.

What’s more, you need absolutely zero coding knowledge for customization. Widgets for websites create a variety of customization options. 

5. 100% Responsive  

The majority of internet users throughout the world now use mobile devices to browse the web; hence, mobile responsiveness is essential.

A 2020 survey found that mobile devices account for 68.1% of all web traffic. Because they are well aware of this, Google uses a website’s mobile responsiveness to rank and index it. If you use WordPress, you don’t need to worry because most themes are already responsive. Also, when you use plugins like Elementor to change your website, you can see how the pages look on different devices.

6. Cost Friendly

There is no license to purchase because it is an open-source platform. Typically, there is a yearly or monthly charge for proprietary software.

While there may be fees associated with WordPress usage, anyone can create a new WordPress website for free. Themes can be used to build the site for free or at a cost. Additionally, most free plugins offer more than enough functionality to improve performance.

7. Friendly to Integrate Google Analytics

Because analytics show us what we are doing well and where we need to improve, digital marketers obsess over them for a good reason. Thanks to WordPress’s integration with Google Analytics, you can view performance directly from the dashboard.

Metrics can be shown, including the most popular pages, bounce rate, daily visits, views per page, and more. With this information, you can make the necessary site improvements. For example, you could add CTA buttons to your offers on sites with high conversion rates to get more leads.

8. Best for Blogging Sites

WordPress began as blogging software and was seen as a content marketing giant in its early days. If your business is highly dependent on content and digital marketing, you can count on WordPress. It also enables you to implement a robust content strategy.

One of the most popular free blogging platforms is WordPress, which enables you to build a beautiful blog page and update it as frequently as you like. The CMS makes it simple to optimize blog entries for both readers and search engines. Using plugins like Yoast SEO, you can implement on-page SEO techniques in minutes, such as adding header tags, focus keywords, pictures, meta descriptions, and more.

Regular updating of blog content is seamless on WordPress. It can improve your website’s relevance and also boost SERP results.

9. Best for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO-friendliness is a hallmark of WordPress. SEO enhances the visibility of your web pages in search engine rankings. Below are a few top-notch SEO features you get from WordPress.

WordPress employs seamless-to-read and clean code, making website crawling and indexing straightforward for Google.

Changeable Permalinks: The URLs of a website are called permalinks. Permalinks appear like this:


You can edit your website’s URLs directly from the WordPress dashboard. After doing customization, permalinks appear in the format like:


The new permalink structure makes it easier for users and search engines to grasp what a page is about. A page’s ranking in search engines can be raised by including a significant term in the URL.

Optimizable Photos: Images on a WP website are essential for enhancing the readability and engagement of the text. Optimization is still necessary if you employ tools to create aesthetically appealing graphics to get users to your website since users expect your website to load quickly.

You can optimize images in WordPress to make pages load faster, improve the user experience, and give yourself more chances to rank.

How can you optimize photos in WordPress? The following are two ways:

  •  Include your focus keyword or longtail keyword in the alt text.
  • Compress the picture size via plugins such as kraken.io or Smush, among other tools for image compression. 

Final Words

Are you aiming to scale your company through digital marketing? WordPress should be at the top of your list as a CMS to support your website. WordPress is essential for digital marketing, along with being very affordable. It also has a very short learning curve. It may enhance visibility in SERP results, generating more traffic and earnings.

Furthermore, since it doesn’t require any programming expertise, it is the ideal option for those who would rather concentrate on their marketing efforts than learn to code.

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