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800response Missed Call Monitor helps companies recoup leads

800response, provider of custom 800 numbers and Web-based call tracking and recording services, has launched Missed Call Monitor, a new call monitoring service designed to alert businesses of missed sales opportunities.

The tool provides businesses with instant notification of missed calls and provides customers with a real-time business-management tool.

“We focus on helping companies increase advertising response rates and incoming leads to make the most of their media budgets,” said Laura Noonan, vice president of sales and marketing. “Missed Call Monitor was a natural next step in helping our customers optimize their lead generation. Now they can get the most out of their advertising dollars by increasing leads, tracking ad response, and using Missed Call Monitor to recapture those leads that they may miss.”

The new reporting tool lets businesses follow up with lost prospects after a missed call, monitor numerous types of missed including busy signals, hang-ups, ringing “off the hook” without an answer, and even short calls, and alert multiple contacts within the company for each lead.

Missed Call Monitor also provides multi-location business owners with the insights that are essential for identifying stores that may have a higher volume of missed incoming calls. This information helps facilitate future modifications to management procedures and fine-tune call handling practices in order to improve business techniques and sales performance.

“Every business misses calls from time to time,” Noonan said. “But, these missed opportunities are costly as they result in lost sales.”

The Missed Call Monitor service notifies businesses via e-mail as they miss incoming calls. The e-mail alerts provide businesses with caller names and phone numbers (and addresses when available) so that the sales or customer service teams can call those missed leads back immediately.

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