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6 Employee Engagement Tactics That Work In 2023

employee engagement

A company’s growth is directly proportional to the growth of its employees. If employees are not motivated or enthusiastically engaged in everyday activities, it goes on to affect the company in the long run. Nowadays, many workspaces are remote, which makes it harder for companies to ensure that employee morale is high at all times. Even in physical workspaces, it is easy to take things for granted and, as a result, see a drop in productivity. So, as a company, you must come up with new and different ways to give your employees the boost they need on a tough work week. So, let’s look at 6 employee engagement tactics that are going to help you get that motivation back-

1. No dress code let the imagination flow

No dress code does not mean your employees would turn up in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts saying “aloha!” to colleagues. However, relaxing the dress code results in better productivity. Instead of business formals, let it be casual jeans and a Mark Zuckerburg T-shirt or anything they would prefer as long as it doesn’t disturb the workflow. You will slowly start to see your employees in a better mood. These little ways of self-expression go a long way in building gratitude for the company. If someone is creative with the dress code and that creates a healthy buzz, it will facilitate peer engagement much better than anything.

2. Flexible schedule- stay flexy

Not everybody is the same. Similarly, you cannot put everyone in the same box and expect the same productivity. For example, someone is an early bird, someone is a night owl, and someone works best from the afternoon to midnight. Instead of just bundling them up in the same schedule, mix things up. Let them choose what road they want to take to reach their deadline. Flexibility in work hours does wonders not only for company productivity but also for employee loyalty to the company. It builds an effortless trust that takes quite some time to get to otherwise.

3. Invest in a good LMS

This is the age of technology, and it is doing wonders for workspaces. From gamification to chatrooms, from feedback automation to employee assessment management, employee engagement software as a service is changing lives. Not only does it help and motivate them to learn new things and participate in workshops and other activities, but it also builds up strong communication between employees and the company. It reduces the need for human intervention for mundane tasks, freeing your time to focus on creativity.

4. Encourage collaborations- let them mingle

It’s always great to let the employees mingle and form a connection. This would create a homely atmosphere that will help reduce clashes and contribute to the overall team-building process. Have informal office groups on your LMS or platforms like Slack and let people have fun there. Create team projects, fun team-building exercises, and group trips, and you can see some refreshed faces ready to take on the day. The engagement rate will get significantly higher at this rate. Amid encouraging collaborations and developing flexible work environments, understanding the inherent reasons to improve team building becomes crucial, laying a foundation for creativity, better communication, and strengthened company culture.

5. Feedback- equals growth

No company can strive to become perfect if it doesn’t accept criticism and feedback from its employees. Have a feedback system in place, preferably in some LMS system like Lattice, where the feedbacks are not only automated but anonymous. This helps build company integrity and reduces bias. With LMS systems, especially ones like Lattice, you can have a 360-degree feedback process with feedback management and performance appraisal.

6. Choose your workplace- flexibility does wonders

Instead of being stringent about every employee coming to the office at a fixed hour, loosen it up. Have a hybrid system or allow some of the employees to work remotely. That way, they will not feel chained to their desks and will be more engaged in their work. Happy employees create a happy and prosperous workplace. So, it is a great way to help give your employees that extra push to maximum productivity.

Did you find the idea that would be best for your company? Or do you have better ones? Don’t keep your thoughts to yourself, and let us know in the comment section below.

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