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40 Awesome Things About Marketing



A list of 40 awesome things about marketing in honor of the 40 awesome winners of the 2013 40 Under 40 Awards.

Marketing’s awesome. Here’s why.


1. Memes: Savvy marketers know how to milk Internet buzz.

2. Targeting: Direct marketers do it best.

Via scottsmarketplace.com


3. Data: It’s big, it’s bad, it’s coming to your town.

Via business2community.com

4.Social media: Let’s pin that new promo on the TwitterTubeFace+ machine.

Via letolab.com

5. Storytelling: And we’re sticking to it.

Via raincoastermedia.com

6. Creative agencies: Workin’ it.

Via www.moroch.com


7. Word-of-mouth: To err is human; to earn media is divine.

Via memecrunch.com


8. Strategy: Content isn’t marketing without it.

Via www.g2msolutions.com.au


9. Tracking: We’d marry analytics…if that was possible.

Via http://pinterest.com/hubspot/meme-tastic-marketing/


10. CRM: The tools to love your customers the way they deserve to be loved.

Via memegenerator.net


11. Automation: Automatically awesome.

12. Infographics: Never enough.

Via memegenerator.net


13. Customer service: When it’s good, it’s good; when it’s bad it’s…

Via www.business2community.com


14. Brand advocates: When the love is mutual.

Via blog.zuberance.com


15. Loyalty: Brands + fans = best friends forever and ever.

Via humor.about.com


16. Cats: The stars of consumer meme madness.

Via heidicullinan.wordpress.com


17. Blogs: We blog, therefore we are.

Via blueprintds.com


18. Gamification: Games are the name of the…uh, game.

Via memegenerator.net


19. Apps: For everything.

Via www.quickmeme.com

20. Startups: If you start us up, we’ll never stop.

Via www.quickmeme.com 

21. SEO: S-E-Oh yeah.

Via http://seomemes.com/


22. Email marketing: So in-box right now.

Via diylol.com


23. Lead gen: Where there are leads, we follow.

Via blog.marketo.com


24. Integration: ‘nuff said.


25. E-commerce: E-comm is da bomb.

Via memegenerator.net


26. ROI: Our favorite acronym.

Via memegenerator.net


27. Facebook ads: Jury’s out.

Via memegenerator.net


28. Copywriting: Just make sure your call-to-action doesn’t give someone an allergic reaction.

Via www.quickmeme.com


29. Global perspective: Having one makes a world of difference.

Via www.whatsyourdigitaliq.com


30. Banner ads: With an average click-through rate of .08%, they should maybe be renamed ‘banner sads.’

Via www.quickmeme.com


31. Mailing lists: Keep it clean, folks.

Via weknowmemes.com


32. Postal regulations: The saga continues.

Via memegenerator.net


33. Events: No one ever minds an open bar.

Via diylol.com


34. DRTV: One of our favorite channels.

Via popshifter.com

35. Infomercials: So passé; today it’s all about brand response.


Via www.quickmeme.com 


36. Privacy: It’s on consumers’ minds, big time.

Via www.yalelawtech.org 

37. Data collection: It’s what we do.

Via server2.itsuv.net


38. Coupons: Invented by Coke in 1888.

Via www.troll.me

39. Clickthrough: Please? Thanks.

Via www.lorenweisman.com

40. Personalization:
Dear [Customer name], don’t mess this up.

Via www.portent.com

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