3M to use DRTV campaign to show off lens renewal kit

3M will launch a direct response TV campaign for a headlight cleaning kit on December 14. It is the first DRTV campaign for the company’s Automotive Aftermarket Division.

The effort, created by direct response agency R2C Group, promotes the company’s 3M Lens Renewal Kit, which the company says will restore the power of a vehicle’s headlights.

The effort will run in 60- and 120-second spots on cable networks to promote the safety and cost-saving benefits of the product.

DRTV makes sense for 3M because of the “wow factor” of seeing the cleanser in action, said Travis Lamb, marketing manager at the 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division.

“The dirtier the headlight, the better the results,” he said, noting that dust, road chemicals and insects can accumulate on a lens.

3M will offer the cleaning kit for $19.99 or $29.99 in ads running during the campaign’s first two weeks. A third set of ads, which will run through January, will include a drive-to retail offer promoting 3M partners AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, Napa AutoCare and Pep Boys.

The ads promote the potential savings created by the Lens Renewal Kit, pointing to the average of $80 to $150 it would cost to replace the headlight lens of a typical Ford Taurus.

“But the issue is really safety,” said Lamb. “Now that the time has changed and it’s darker earlier, using this product can improve overall visibility by between 50% to 300%. So we’re emphasizing that with the kit, you can now see what’s in front of you and be seen.”

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