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'Survivor' Auction on eBay Will Benefit AIDS Charity

Props and memorabilia from the “Survivor: Africa” television show were put up for auction online at eBay.com last week with all proceeds slated to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

The foundation was chosen because “Survivor: Africa” made reference to the HIV/AIDS crisis on the continent. The show's executive producer joined the foundation's board of directors and one contestant delivered medical supplies to an AIDS hospital during the show.

The auctions, which include items such as the 16 contestant torches, flags, an urn and other autographed memorabilia, were put up on eBay after the show's final episode Jan. 10 and are expected to end early next month.

According to the eBay Web site, “During the last week of the event, props from the final show will be available. All items will come with a certificate of authenticity from CBS.”

As of late Friday afternoon, 25 items were listed for auction. The highest recorded bid was $30,300 for the “Survivor: Africa” Immunity Idol.

The auction page also contains a link the foundation's Web site at www.pedaids.org.

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