21st Returns to Original Name, Adds Online Service

After more than a year as 21stAZ Marketing, the merged list company created from the acquisition of AZ Marketing Services by 21st Century Marketing has returned to its original name, effective Monday.

“People just won't stop calling us 21st Century,” said David O. Schwartz, president/CEO of 21st Century Marketing, Farmingdale, NY. “The fact is that when you're known under a brand for 25 years as 21st was, it doesn't do anybody any good to change that.”

AZ Marketing has been assimilated into 21st, he said, and letters about the switch back went to clients in mid-August.

The acquisition of AZ Marketing was completed in November 2000, and the name was changed to 21stAZ Marketing in May 2001.

The former AZ Marketing Cos Cob, CT, office remains open as a sales office for 21st Century.

In other 21st Century news, the firm launched a Web-based tool called the Broker Order Status System for list brokers to track their orders of the company's managed lists. The system can be accessed at www.21stcm.com.

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