2014 Caples Awards – Best in Show: Penny The Pirate

Although one in six kids have vision problems, the daunting process of finding an optometrist can deter parents from getting their children the help that they need. Eyecare provider OPSM, part of Luxottica Group, wanted to open parents’ eyes to the importance of visual health while simultaneously driving youth eye screenings and appointments.

But if the organization wanted to achieve these goals, it knew that it would have to win over mom first. So, the company partnered with the University of Melbourne’s Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences, reknowned author and illustrator Kevin Waldron, and advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi Australia to launch Penny the Pirate—a free interactive children’s book and mobile app that doubles as a sight screening test.

As children follow Penny’s story to become captain of the Mighty Pickle, they, unknowingly, come across three sight screenings that help parents identify common eye health issues. The story’s illustrations disguise the tests, keep children engaged, and enable parents to operate the screening without any previous experience—making the complete sight screening experience total child’s play.

In terms of results, the outcomes are nothing short of a fairytale ending. OPSM experienced an increase in kids’ eyewear packages and the app became the number one health app in the Apple Store. And the campaign garnered a 2014 Caples award for Best in Show.

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