2 State AGs Target Telemarketers on DNC Violations

The Pennsylvania attorney general's office filed a lawsuit in state court this week against Juno Marketing Inc., Trenton, NJ, following complaints of no-call registry violations.

Juno called consumers to solicit AT&T Wireless telephone services, the state attorney general's office said, committing more than 100 violations of the list from Nov. 1, 2002, to January 2003.

Juno also had the technology to display its name and phone number on home call identification devices but failed to do so, in violation of the state's telemarketing law, the attorney general's office said.

The state seeks $1,000 per violation — or $3,000 per violation involving consumers 60 or older — and a permanent ban on the company from telemarketing in Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, the Oklahoma attorney general's office on June 4 said that RMH Teleservices, Newtown Square, PA, agreed to pay $6,000 to settle accusations that the company violated the state's no-call list. A call to RMH was not returned yesterday.

The attorney general's office said the complaint involves accusations of no-call list violations that date to Feb. 1. No further details about the allegations were provided, though the attorney general's office said RMH Teleservices agreed to comply with the no-call list in the future as part of the settlement.

Two phone numbers listed for Juno in the Trenton area remained busy after repeated calls yesterday.

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