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2 Canadian DRTV Companies Merge

Monte Brooks Productions and Northern Lights Direct Response, two Toronto-based direct response television production companies, have merged to form Monte BrooksXNorthern Lights. The new company will provide DRTV production services to both nationally branded and entrepreneurial companies in North America.

Monte Brooks, a 7-year-old company headed by Linda Brooks, previously focused on healthcare DRTV marketing for U.S. start-up companies. Its campaigns included the Epil-Stop Hair Removal System and Therma Spa. Northern Lights, a 10-year-old firm headed by Ian French, produced DRTV campaigns primarily in Canada for companies such as Panasonic and General Motors.

The new company will produce long-form infomercials and short-form spots for blue-chip and start-up clients. Though the company will not provide back-end services such as telemarketing and fulfillment, it will assist in coordinating these services.

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