16 Handles creates Snapchat buzz

Photo-chatting app Snapchat has created a lot of buzz, but so far brands have been slow to jump on board.

Frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles noticed its core customers were
increasingly using Snapchat and devised a digital coupon campaign.
Participants who used the app to send a picture to 16 Handles of
themselves tasting its yogurt in one of its New York stores over New
Year’s received a digital coupon with 10 seconds to redeem it.

The company received a Snapchat score of more than 5,000 based on the
number of pictures received. The app saw the highest level of Twitter
activity in its history during the initiative. The campaign’s halo
effect generated coverage in the tech press for the company. “It really
elevated our role as an innovative brand in a rather cluttered
category,” says Adam Britten, 16 Handles’ social media manager.

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