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Yes, the Ranger Rick Masterfile—and the individual kids magazine subscriber files, Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr.—are naturally strong performers for Kids/Families, Fundraising, and Membership mailers. But Apparel, Gift, Health, Home/Shelter, Travel, Insurance offers and others can also capitalize on the many needs and interests that exist for every member of these busy, affluent, direct mail responsive households.

The 500,000+ Ranger Rick Masterfile universe is available with comprehensive selectivity, allowing mailers across markets to find the perfectly targeted segment of prospects with the highest propensity to respond: Gift Givers, Magazine Title, Marketing Genetics buyer and subscriber transactions, TargetReady Models®, and countless demographic and interest selections.

Segments can be targeted to any market!

500,100  Active Subscribers
  86,000  3 Month Subscribers
191,500  12 Month Gift Givers
159,800  12 Month Children’s Product Buyers
116,800  12 Month Women’s Apparel Buyers
  88,900  12 Month Gift Buyers
100,000  12 Month Home Buyers
  35,000  Active Health/Beauty Subscribers
  33,600  Active Shelter Magazine Subscribers
256,800  Cruise Travel
341,200  Foreign Travel for Vacation

 for a recommendation specific to your targeted offer!

Comprehensive Selectivity!

Infogroup enhancements include Child Age, Income, Ethnicity, Religions, Interests such as Travel, Cooking, Pets, Health/Fitness, Reading/Magazines and more. see counts
Marketing Genetics selects include $100+ Buyers, Retail, Catalog, Internet, Food, Gardening & Patio, Home Décor, Housewares/Furnishings, Jewelry, Pet Products, Men’s Apparel, Women’s Apparel, Travel Products, and many more.
see counts
Subscriber Genetics selects include Cooking, Crafts, Entertainment, Health/Beauty, News/Business, Shelter, Sports and more.
see counts
TargetReady Model selects include: Diet Products, Frequent Flyers, Dog Products, Home Improvement, Outdoor Activities, Wine Lovers, Religious Donors, and many more. see counts


This award-winning magazine caters to children ages 7 to 12 and is filled with amazing photography, fascinating stories, and fun activities.
175,000  Last 12 Month Subscribers
103,300  Active Subscribers
104,900  Last 12 Month Gift Givers


Ranger Rick Jr. caters to children ages 4 to 7 and offers picture book pages of wild learning adventures.
177,700  Last 12 Month Subscribers
204,900  Active Subscribers
116,200  Last 12 Month Gift Givers


For more information, contact Linda Thompson at Infogroup Targeting Solutions, 402.836.5154.


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