How to Activate Your Inactive Email Subscribers
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How to Activate Your Inactive Email Subscribers
An email marketer reveals how to galvanize your customers—even the inactive ones.
Which ESPs Give Email Marketers ESP?
A study reveals the email services that marketers say help their email marketing deliver—ROI, that is.

Grande Guide to Social Demand 2014
We all get the value of social media for celebrating one's life and keeping up with friends and fads. But how do you wring some monetary advantage out of social channels for your business? Beyond the usual brand awareness and proof of being "up to date" with modern trends, social media can be a influential technique to move leads along the funnel. The trick is to do it in a way that is non-interruptive and even invited. Read the guide to find out how.
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4 List-Building Myths Debunked
Marketers agree that email is the optimal channel for lead gen, but not necessarily on how to best leverage the channel for this purpose.
Email Marketing in 2015: What's In and What's Out
Hashtags and predictive analytics are hot; static emails and staid subject lines are not.

Email Marketing: Get Past Holiday Email Fatigue
According to The Radicati Group, nearly 2 billion emails are sent every day. Both B2B and B2C marketers struggle with getting their customer's attention, especially during the holidays. How can you reinvigorate your email marketing strategy after the hectic holiday season?
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Results or Attitude: Which Is the Keeper?
Marketing Challenge: Good Marketer, Bad Attitude
Jaden Waterman was hired a year ago to oversee email marketing. He's doing a better job than his predecessor, however, he has an attitude. Waterman's boss, Lenore Cranston, has spoken to him, but to no avail. What should she do?
Getting the Most From Programmatic
Social Marketing Is Changing. Are You Keeping Up?
Learn how to steer your marketing around shifting user demographics and ever-changing social rules, shine among the marketing crowd on social media, and debunk some of social media marketing’s most pervasive myths.

By harnessing data, streamlining processes, and integrating channels you can significantly maximize your direct marketing campaign performance. Revamp your strategy and see results with the tips in this eBook.
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Break Free of the Shackles of Segmentation: Five steps marketers can take to shake loose from old thinking about segments and adopt new thinking of marketing in context to individual customers.

5 Paths to a Profitable Customer Journey: Understanding the role of the phone call in the customer journey and its value as a touchpoint is fundamental to creating a cohesive omnichannel strategy.

Marketing & Technology Are a Perfect Match: It's time to get the most from your marketing automation.

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Today—3 Building Blocks of Better Campaigns
Jason McNellis from Forrester Research Inc. as he reviews marketers' top challenges and reveals the 3 building blocks needed to dramatically improve ROI.
Virtual Event Feb 26—Accelerate Your Mobile Marketing
What you need to know now to connect, engage, and convert customers using mobile marketing.
March 3—ISP Mythbusters: How to Send Better Emails
Join experts from Comcast and Message Systems as they field your top questions about ISPs and email abuse, and share actionable insights into how to send better emails.
March 10—Customer Experience Marketing That Makes a Splash
March 17—How to Bring Your Webinars Back From the Dead
So your awesome webinar just ended -- now what? For most companies, once a webinar is over, it's dead and gone, never to be seen again.
Save the Date—Marketing Hall of Femme 2015
Join Direct Marketing News on Friday, April 24 in New York, when we celebrate this year's Marketing Hall of Femme. The award honors women in the highest marketing positions in organizations of all sizes, across all industries whose actions and accomplishments make them true Leading Ladies.