Let the Music Do the Marketing
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Data and Email Help Consumers See Felix + Iris Through Fresh Eyes
The online eyewear provider frames the customer experience around trust and reassurance.
Let the Music Do the Marketing
By Eric Krell
Live Nation puts a modern spin on connecting customers and partners.

Kicking Butt with Account-Targeted Display Advertising
Wouldn't it be great to kick off 2015 with a successful display-advertising program that permanently shifts the way your company views your display ad investment and also helps to align the marketing and sales functions? Join us for this mini-webinar on how you can make 2015 a success by ending 2014 right! Register Now >>
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Email's the Holiday Gift That Keeps on Giving
November 14, 2014
More than 90% will depend on the inbox to deliver the results this December, while only 40% will use mobile.
Direct Line Blog
Nobody's Perfect. Right, Salesforce?
November 24, 2014
Salesforce.com proves that even the biggest and brightest stars in the digital firmament can err by losing the personal touch.

Is your marketing cost effective or costly?
By harnessing data, streamlining processes, and integrating channels you can significantly maximize your direct marketing campaign performance. Revamp your strategy and see results with the tips in this ebook. Read more now...
A not-so-welcome customer relationship
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Challenge: Perception Can Change a Brand's Reality
Jacob Donnelly has been Sasha Smith's client for nearly two years. For just over a year, he's also been her beau. They assumed that when people found out they would presume that special deals were made. What would you do?
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Dec 2—Best Friend Brand: Tips for Getting into Your Customers’ Inner Circle
Silverpop's tips to become a “Best Friend Brand” – one of the five or so companies that a person will repeatedly interact with and buy products from.
Dec 3—Monetizing Content Marketing
As part of the buyer's journey, customers today want to be educated, informed, or entertained by the brands that interest them. Marketers have an opportunity to capture attention, convert browsers to buyers, and bolster loyalty by providing compelling content at the right moment in the customer lifecycle. Join Direct Marketing News for a one-day virtual conference to gain insight into content marketing that sells—and how you can show that connection.
Dec 11—Know Your Customers, Grow Your Revenue
Marketers who use data to react to customers in real time will also drive profitable sales.
Dec 16—Case Study: Video Marketing Playbook
Learn about the essential technologies for video marketing, how video fits within your overall technology stack, best practices to drive real results and how companies like Salesforce's ExactTarget are executing video centric marketing strategies at scale.

Forrester Lead to Revenue
See why Oracle is named a leader for Enterprise Lead-To-Revenue Management Platform Vendors. L2RM platform vendors like Oracle are stepping up with tooling that enables customer-centric, multichannel, personalized marketing -- at scale.
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