Email Is Still Most Marketers' Favorite
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Email in Real Time
Nearly three quarters of consumers use their mobile phone to access their email. Is your mobile email experience up to par or cause for an opt-out?
61 Percent Will Up Email Budgets in 2015
Expanding technology only serves to increase marketers' investments in triggered emails and lifecycle analysis, a study says.
Email Is Still Most Marketers' Favorite
More than 60% of surveyed executives cite email marketing as their leading producer of ROI.
Dunbar Armored Relies on Multichannel Marketing to Secure Leads
The cash management and security company's approach spans across channels and decades.
If Marketing Channels Were Holiday Movies
Can you guess which movie would be email?

Want the ability to predict the future?
The more you can understand about your customer, the better you can identify their future demands. By using what MeritDirect calls Next Logical Product (NLP) Intelligence , you can dramatically increase repeat purchases. Join us to hear how other companies are benefitting from these analytics. Here is the webcast to help you predict the future - watch now!

Is your marketing cost effective or costly?
By harnessing data, streamlining processes, and integrating channels you can significantly maximize your direct marketing campaign performance. Revamp your strategy and see results with the tips in this ebook. Read more now...
Insight on the Go With DMN's e-Books
Don't let the competition get you down. Give your marketing campaigns that extra punch with the power of analytics. Get coached on how to use analytics to transform your data into useful information that will get you closer to customers and knock out the competition. Find the insight that you need here.

How can you reinvigorate your email marketing strategy and reengage customers after the hectic holiday season? Don't fret. The answers to having a cheerful holiday and keeping your email fresh and relevant in the New Year are right here.

Fortunately, there are as many ways to resolve channel conflict as there are causes for it. Here, 10 marketing experts lend their advice by answering the question: What's a leading cause of channel conflict in marketing today and what's one way marketers can resolve that particular issue?

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Today—Case Study: Video Marketing Playbook
Learn about the essential technologies for video marketing, how video fits within your overall technology stack, best practices to drive real results and how companies like Salesforce's ExactTarget are executing video centric marketing strategies at scale.

Forrester Lead to Revenue
See why Oracle is named a leader for Enterprise Lead-To-Revenue Management Platform Vendors. L2RM platform vendors like Oracle are stepping up with tooling that enables customer-centric, multichannel, personalized marketing -- at scale.
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