Using Email to Combat Email Disengagement
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Email Plus Social Equals Engagement
Marketers who do the math are learning that social media and email marketing simply add up.
7 Ways to Use Email to Combat Email Disengagement
Email is as popular as ever, but so are feelings of email fatigue. Here's how to bring wayward customers back into the email fold.
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Addicted to Email
Nine out of 10 check personal email at work, says an Adobe study. Two out of 10 check their inboxes constantly.
American Consumers' Addiction to Smartphones Continues
Marketers, be aware: 89% of adults check their smartphones at least several times per day.
What to do when the CMO ignores what data reveals
Marketing Challenge: Data Doesn't Lie, So Listen to It
Logan Christensen had spent the past six months watching his data-driven advice go unheeded as conversion rates dropped precipitously. The issue: new CMO Loretta Drago. He stood waiting for Drago to answer a question—wondering if her response would be to fire him—and debated his next best course of action.
How to Win at Social Media Marketing
Why are some marketers getting it so right and others so wrong when it comes to the ever expanding world of social media? This eBook explores the secrets to those winning social marketing strategies.
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Sept 3—10 Common Webinar Mistakes...And How to Avoid Them
Join ON24 and Direct Marketing News for the 2015 edition of “10 Common Webinar Mistakes…and How to Avoid Them” and learn tips and best practices that can increase the value of your webinars, for you and your audience.
Sept 22—Making real-time marketing a reality
Real-time messaging, automated by consumer actions and context, is a big leap forward for most marketers on their journey to customer-centricity. Yet many struggle to integrate this level of sophistication into their own programs.
Sept 24—Email Marketing Benchmarks: How Do You Measure Up?
How are your email marketing campaigns performing compared to the average? And more importantly, how much work do you need to do to join the ranks of the top performers?
Sept 24—40 Under 40 Awards
The Direct Marketing News' 40 Under 40 Awards is ready to honor the exceptional marketing achievements of these 40 young winners on Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 42West at The Out Hotel in New York City. Purchase your tickets today to join the party!
Sept 29—Weak Links and Broken Promises: What You Need to Know Before Your Next Mobile Ad Campaign
The truth behind ad reach, accuracy, and attribution in the elusive world of mobile ad campaigns.