Plus: Exact Data Strikes a Blow for Clean Email Lists
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1-800-GOT-JUNK? Cleans Up Its Email Marketing
The junk removal company trashes the batch-and-blast method and focuses on customer loyalty.


The Rules (and Tools) for Successful Customer Engagement
When merchants are able to engage customers on a personal level, they are more likely to buy and will recommend brands and products they like to their friends and family. Download this free eBook to learn the rules (and tools) for successful customer engagement today!
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News Byte: Exact Data Strikes a Blow for Clean Email Lists
The company partners with BriteVerify to offer automatic list cleaning to SMB clients.
Multichannel Marketing

American Red Cross Breathes New Life into its Marketing
By Cindy Waxer
A healthy dose of data and marketing technology is enabling the organization to launch innovative approaches to creating personalized customer experiences.
Marketing Automation

The Time for the Customer Is Now
One-to-one marketing and customer engagement are the hallmarks of Marketo's reinvigorated focus.
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Marketing Strategy

eBook: Why Marketing-Tech Collaboration? Because You Have To.
By Direct Marketing News staff
Marketers and their technology colleagues have varied perspectives, but they can all agree that collaboration is essential. Read on to learn how to achieve it in your organization.
10 Timeless Truths of Scientific Marketing
Yes, things are changing more frenetically than ever. But marketers need not toil in a period of uncertainty. Instead, we should operate with confident clarity. Download 10 Timeless Truths of Scientific Marketing for marketing life lessons to keep you centered.


Make content king. So your products get the royal treatment.
Who doesn't create content? The challenge is knowing which assets are actually worth offering to prospects and customers. This definitive guide shows you how to tap the wild success of B2C content marketing in your B2B world. Brought to you by the Modern Marketing experts, Oracle Eloqua.
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April 24—The Lean Content Roadmap: How B2B Marketers Can Do More With Less
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April 30—5 Unproductive Phrases Creatives Say and How to Avoid Them
Join Richard Whitehead, AtTask's senior GTM director for marketing solutions, and DMN featured speaker Martyn Etherington, CMO of Mitel, to hear why “it's 80% done” really means no one knows what the status of the deliverable is—and how you can fix this illusion of productivity.
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Without a doubt, email campaigns continue to provide incredible access to customers and be a top-performing channel for marketers.