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Unlock sales success with your marketing content
The key to good content is learning what works at each stage of the buying cycle, from marketing to sales to the customer, and putting it in front of the sales rep when it's needed. In Five keys to unlocking a successful playbook, Highspot shares tips to surfacing content within the sales process that turn your reps into closing machines Download Now.
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7 Ways to Take Your Marketing Strategy to the Big Leagues
A game-winning omnichannel strategy must be seamless, synchronous, and symbiotic.
Marketers Debate Quality Versus Quantity in Lead Generation
Lead generation is rarely a simple conversation, especially when it comes to the number of leads generated versus the value of them.
Top 20 Percent Is Twice as Good at Converting as the Rest
There are five reasons elite marketers trounce the competition: testing, targeting, spending, mobilizing, and democratizing.
Are Traditional Marketing Channels Past Their Prime? [Infographic]
There's a reason these oldie-but-goodies are still around.
Chico's Updates Its Survey Style Through Mobile
Feedback from customer communities revealed that it was time for a new look.
Engagement: The Secret Ingredient to a Tasty Marketing Campaign
Organic yogurt company Stonyfield says it's discovered the right recipe for an enthralling digital campaign.

The Power of Customer Context
Relevant Experiences. Meaningful Interactions. Consumers want you to interact with them on their terms. Read this Forrester report to understand the power of customer context.
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How Would You Stop a Rumor Before It Stalls Performance?
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Challenge: Rumor Has It (All Wrong)
October 01, 2014
A rumor has the new CMO's at odds with her team. Read the full story and provide your advice. Email your answers to by October 31 for the chance to win $100.
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Today—Best Practices Are Killing Marketing - It's Time to Test and Learn
Join EPiServer to discover the key to achieving demonstrable results and ROI in your digital marketing efforts and how to execute in a flexible, agile manner—and to leverage technology that supports execution by providing real-time insights.
Oct 28—The Key to B2B Success: Account-Based Marketing
In this webinar, you'll discover how account-based marketing can help you achieve better results in three key stages.
Oct 30—Essentials in Content Marketing: Think like a best-selling author
Imagine if all the electronic content thrown your way daily was actually printed on paper. To stand out from those piles of worthless pixels, you must offer your audiences intriguing insight from the get-go.
Nov 4—Privacy & Big Data Overload
Join this webinar and discuss balancing what we want to know, need to know and shouldn't know about customers.
Nov 18—Translation Blunders & Wonders: How Global Brands Get Lost and Found in Translation
In this webinar, translation veteran Nataly Kelly will give examples of brands that have made mistakes in other countries and languages and why they offer some important lessons.
Dec 3—Monetizing Content Marketing
As part of the buyer's journey, customers today want to be educated, informed, or entertained by the brands that interest them. Marketers have an opportunity to capture attention, convert browsers to buyers, and bolster loyalty by providing compelling content at the right moment in the customer lifecycle. Join Direct Marketing News for a one-day virtual conference to gain insight into content marketing that sells—and how you can show that connection.
Nov 13—Keys to Effective Webinar Delivery