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DMN's 40 Under 40 awards celebrate exceptional achievement in marketing before the age of 40— young marketers who have helped significantly grow their companies, wowed their clients with creative or strategic plans, and influenced the industry in numerous ways.

2015 Winners

Danielle is 100% passion backed by ferocious tenacity and a hunger for knowledge. She is a solutions- and relationship-oriented marketer and manager who always puts client and corporate needs in the appropriate place.

Danielle Avalone

VP, Account Services, Lanmark360 Inc.

Dan is a strategic marketer with great vision for innovation combined with expertise to move business forward efficiently. He’s skilled at pushing beyond what is easily possible to transform processes and drive results.

Dan Barcus

Executive Director, Acquisitions and Direct Marketing, Comcast Cable

Brad demonstrates strength in demand gen that fuels the needs of the business. He offers his team stability in a fast-paced environment of non-stop change.

Brad Bedoe

Director of Lead Generation Marketing, Fleetmatics

Passion, enthusiasm, and fearlessness all make Kirsten an amazing marketer. Her ability to connect with engineers has given her the respect and credibility to develop new ideas and continue to elevate Edmund Optics’ marketing programs.

Kirsten Bjork-Jones

Director, Global Marketing Communications, Edmund Optics

Cristina is a tireless professional with a huge heart for community; a true believer in excelling in her industry, as well as providing to those in need. She is always innovating, and leads by example through her unbound creativity and a drive to never settle.

Cristina Bozas

Chief Creative Officer/Co-President, Polvora Advertising

Adam’s innovative approaches to increasing customer loyalty, brand awareness, and revenue make his a natural change agent. He excels at bridging the gap between marketing creativity and technological optimization.

Adam Bravo

Executive Director of Loyalty Marketing Operations, MGM Resorts International

Courtney has spent nearly two decades building winning teams in technology marketing for global enterprises, SMBs, and startups. She has held full P&L responsibility for marketing departments and budgets across 5 continents.

Courtney Caldwell

President, The Write One and Advisor CMO of Sparksfly Technologies

Jennifer does a tremendous job driving value by generating significant year-over-year growth for the clients she serves. She achieves this through partnering closely with senior client leaders and establishing a role as a trusted analytic advisor.

Jennifer Capistran

Senior Director, Merkle Analytics, Merkle Inc.

Rachel has a unique, entrepreneurial ability to develop creative marketing programs, understand the requirements and processes necessary to bring the programs to life, and lead teams to execute. She’s a brand strategist that excels in positioning, market research, and content strategy.

Rachel Carpenter

Global Marketing and Sales Leader, Mercer

Kyle has a knack for turning complex product ideas into stories that not only motivate potential buyers, but also educate and excite the larger market about new companies and categories.

Kyle Christensen

VP, Marketing, Invoca

Yasmeen is a skillful listener who, by immersing herself in her various roles, she develops an understanding of the brands she represents, as well as their priorities, and is able to eloquently communicate on their behalf and positively influence their growth.

Yasmeen Coning

VP, Head of Marketing, Genesis Media

Coltrane Curtis changed the archetype of how a marketer should think, look, and act. He never shies away from big ideas intended to push big brands out of their comfort zones—and his clients remain consistently excited by the results he delivers.

Coltrane Curtis

Founder and Managing Partner, Team Epiphany

Bhumika is champion for marketers through her work. She forms and manages strategic partnerships with clients, as well as empowers everyone on her team to take ownership on projects by providing flexibility, trust, and accountability.

Bhumika Dadbhawala

Senior Director of Business Development, Drawbridge

Donald is a master of processing data and translating it into meaningful recommendations that lead to game-changing results. But he’s not just about data; he also deftly manages client relationships and ensures that all partners are properly aligned.

Donald J. Gallant

Director of Analytics, Marketsmith Inc.

Aaron is an objective leader who makes decisions based on what is fair and true for the team. This allows him to resource the best ideas and develop new concepts quickly. His main goal is to understand why people do things they way they do, which translates to dramatically improvements in customer engagement.

Aaron Ginn

Growth Product Manager, Everlane

An entrepreneur at heart, Judge cultivates an environment conducive to fostering great creativity and insightful thought. He emphasize employee well-being and career growth, while simultanteously focusing on clients’ successes.

Judge Graham

President, SQ1

Chad advocates the use of analytics and measurable conversion data as a fundamental component of digital marketing. He helps clients adopt best practices for search engine optimization, leveraging web analytics to maximize the return on digital marketing, and integrating optimization and A/B testing into the digital marketing process.

Chad Hallert

Strategy Director, Noble Studios

Jessica obsesses over helping clients dig in and extract actionable insights from customer and marketing data. Her approach influences all aspects of client campaigns, from media, creative and Web strategies.

Jessica Hawthorne-Castro

CEO/Chairman, Hawthorne Direct

Elizabeth instinctively recognizes business challenges and addresses them head on, determining the best course of action to achieve solutions. She leads her team by building confidence in working together.

Elizabeth Holub

Marketing Manager, Carl Fischer Music & Theodore Presser Company

Jerry aims to revolutionize the way marketers think about and approach retention marketing. He’s passionate about empowering marketers with data insights to effectively retain their customers, as well as working with CMOs to define their retention marketing strategy.

Jerry Jao

CEO and Founder, Retention Science

Alia has been committed to relentless innovation on the Internet long before social media and online branded content were widely recognized tactics in marketing plans—and over the past five years has used that passion to lead IKEA through a transformative digital makeover.

Alia Kemet

U.S. Media Director, IKEA

Amrit is a strategic problem solver who is adept at generating solutions for clients, from providing customer loyalty marketing program ideas to producing an all encompassing omnichannel marketing strategy roadmap.

Amrit Kirpalani

Founder and CEO, NectarOM

As one of the most senior executives at Huge, Patricia has led digital transformation for clients in media, retail, and automotive industries—and in doing so helped revolutionize the way these clients approach digital.

Patricia Korth-McDonnell

Partner and Managing Director, West Coast, Huge

Jamie is a customer focused marketing executive who is able to spearhead innovation that leads to high-value, omnichannel experiences. He strives to drive transformational change and is fearless in his efforts to build and drive momentum for new opportunities.

Jamie LaRose

VP, Digital Marketing, Wells Fargo

Donald has been a long-standing champion of digital media in the Philippine marketing industry. He has excelled in developing creative, outcome-focused strategies and marketing communications programs that drive significant growth and change reputations and perceptions.

Donald Patrick Lim

Chief Digital Officer, ABS-CBN Corporation

Greg has the unparalleled ability to speak to specific markets and generate ROI in ways the Boy Scouts of America has never seen before. He is masterful at strategic planning and ensuring that the organization stays at the forefront of the nonprofit sector.

Greg Mazen

Director of Creative Services, Boy Scouts of America

Betsy is an expert in content creation and collaboration who is committed to innovation and excellence. She is an early adopter of new marketing tactics and technology, adeptly incorporating them in her programs to further reach and improve measurability.

Betsy Miller Daitch

Senior Marketing Manager, Investment Management, S&P Capital

What makes Joel stand out is his ability to take traditional, corporate marketing organizations and optimize them to engage in cutting-edge, disruptive marketing techniques and leverage new marketing mediums to grow their respective businesses.

Joel Moore

Director, Strategic Leadership, Force 3

Accountability, passion, and strength—these are just some of the attributes that come to mind when thinking about Jessica and how she stands apart in the marketing discipline. She’s a dynamic and strategic leader with a strong understanding of the complex marketing ecosystem.

Jessica Nable

Vice President, Strategic Communications, Epsilon

Jessica is tenacious and dedicated. She understands not only the importance of marketing fundamentals, but also the challenges in bringing new marketing concepts to more traditional organizations—and is thoughtful in her approach to make changes.

Jessica Nielsen

VP, Communications, Lockheed Martin

Adam is direct and honest with clients, even if it means saying no to an idea or project, which he fervently believes is essential to their success. He takes bold, decisive action that has been well planned and sees it through to the end to bring the most value to clients.

Adam Padilla

President and Chief Creative Officer, Brandfire

Natasha is a seasoned global leader who delivers unprecedented results while always considering what’s best for her customers, community, and employees. She lives and breathes loyalty and retention, always striving to improve the Dice customer experience.

Natasha Raja

VP of Marketing and Customer Service, Dice

Ben combines the innovation and thought leadership of an experienced marketing leader with a willingness to take risks and think big. His broad expertise helps him push his team to continually innovate and evolve.

Ben Roberts

VP of Marketing Operations, Acumen Brands

Pedro’s passion, tireless contributions, and magnetic energy have propelled his success. He possesses the rare ability to provide strategic and creative solutions to clients across verticals, from CPG to finance. He’s a results-oriented manager of people, projects, and events.

Pedro L. Rodriguez

Director of Integrated Marketing, People en Español

Dhanusha has rebranded XO Group's flagship brand The Knot as it transitioned from a traditional media brand to a transactional marketplace, increasing online revenue and mobile traffic in the process.

Dhanusha Sivajee

EVP, Marketing, XO Group Inc.

Cecile is an exemplary leader successfully driving marketing transformation towards digital, social, and agile. Her ingenuity and bold experimentation have led to in exceptional results for Xerox.

Cecile Thirion

Global Marketing Director - Government & Transportation Sector, Xerox

Amanda is a marketing sensation. She knows healthcare. She knows content marketing. She knows social media. In a mere two years, she has transformed Cleveland Clinic into a leader in content marketing and social media.

Amanda Todorovich

Director, Content Marketing, Cleveland Clinic

Charlotte effectively takes the hard-hitting analytics and data-driven approach common in one-to-one marketing and bring it into the retail setting in innovative ways that have driven value for HSBC and its customers around the globe.

Charlotte Tsou

Senior Vice President, Regional Head of Analytics & CRM, HSBC

Justin is an entrepreneur who knows the value of customer retention and lifetime value over pure acquisition marketing. His vision is to better enable CMOs to understand the effectiveness of their campaigns through attribution and marketing retention metrics.

Justin Yoshimura

Cofounder, CEO, 500friends, a Merkle Company

Tania is a forward thinking entrepreneur who uses her success in business to help empower other women trying to make a career in the technology industry. She is an authority on audience intelligence, competitive benchmarking, and actionable insights for social media.

Tania Yuki

Founder & CEO, Shareablee


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