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Zoomerang Survey Service Helps Boost Returns

Bank software provider Misys Banking Systems and online job resource CareerBuilder.com have incorporated customer service surveys supported by MarketTools’ Zoomerang into their business plan.

Misys conducts quarterly surveys and claims a 98 percent product and a 97 percent customer support satisfaction rate. With online surveying, Misys reaches international clients at low cost, receives real-time results and can adopt a consistent testing procedure.

“Customer satisfaction has been the No. 1 use of Zoomerang’s product since we began,” said Dana Meade, Zoomerang co-vice president in San Francisco. “What we found is that people still have questions. We want to give people more guidance. It’s easy to send an online survey, but it’s also easy to send a bad online survey.”

Zoomerang’s core offering is an online survey service that lets companies design surveys and invite participants to respond via an e-mailed link. The company also provides targeted lists of names for product launch or market research surveys. And today Zoomerang launches a customer satisfaction resource Web site.

Misys supplies 1,400 customers in 134 countries. Clients include HSBC, SEB Merchant Banking, ICBC and Arab National Bank.

CareerBuilder is using Zoomerang to double customer response rates, reduce in-house resources and increase the reach of the survey. With a telephone survey model, CareerBuilder reached 120 people in a sampling. Now it reaches all its customers and has an 80 percent response rate.

Zoomerang customers like CareerBuilder and Misys now can benefit from the free site at www.customersatisfactionresource.com. The new site hosts links to articles, templates and Webinars. Zoomerang will measure click-through rates, use of templates and new customer enrollment via the site.

“We’re a do-it-yourself tool, and we’re adding on to that,” Ms. Meade said. “Our goal is to become more than just a service provider.”

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