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Zeta Updates Its Customer Lifecycle Platform

Zeta Interactive today introduced Zeta Hub 1.5, an upgrade that enhances features such as real time personalization and dynamic content creation to its marketing automation platform. Zeta Hub’s focus is on cross-channel tracking of customer lifecycles to enable CMOs to maintain their ROI goals by acquiring more customers and keeping them longer.

Other features of the 1.5 edition include in-app mobile push capabilities, quick preview of emails to fix rendering issues, and improved access to Zeta’s proprietary data that is configured to support advertising and publishing partners for marketing automation purposes.

“The launch of 1.5 advances our vision to provide both Fortune 500 and middle market brands with the tools to compete in this complex multichannel ecosystem,” says Zeta Interactive CEO David Steinberg.

Zeta emerged as a player in multichannel platforms with its acquisition last year of ClickSquared and its ZetaMail email platform. Former Apple CEO John Sculley is a partner in the company and a member of its board.

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