Zeta Interactive launches digital coupon platform

Interactive marketing agency Zeta Interactive launched a digital coupon program, “Simply Savings,” on September 23 with Take 5 Solutions, a direct response marketing company.

The firms created the program to target audiences with relevant coupons based on income, demographics, geography and other data. Zeta and Take 5 are using e-mail as the main communications medium for the initiative, which they are operating through the Zeta Next Page digital publishing platform.

Al DiGuido, CEO of Zeta Interactive, said the company has watched customers shift from traditional magazines and newspapers to e-readers. Zeta Interactive wanted to create a digital equivalent to print coupons, he said.

“[This is an] opportunity for marketers not to lose customers by having legacy thinking,” he said. “We are embracing a new channel of commerce.”

Clients including retailer Dollar Tree, fitness product maker Total Gym, online retailer Pro Flowers and china company Lenox are using the platform, said Breny Brown, creative director at Take 5.

“With the rising popularity of online coupons, we needed to offer our clients a new marketing strategy, where they could effectively measure their efforts with the help of analytical online tools,” she said.

Brown said the platform can measure the effectiveness of online coupons for clients.

“We can provide analytics to our customers and adjust offers as needed – something that we cannot do with print coupons,” she said.

The “Zeta Next Page” platform includes customized content and audience targeting, guaranteed delivery assurance, customer analytics and flexible e-mailing options.

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