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Zebra Aligns Products to Work With Number Five

Zebra Technologies Corp., Vernon Hills, IL, has undergone developments with its card printer products to make them compatible with systems sold by Number Five Software.

Number Five, Simi Valley, CA, offers card printer services, while Zebra offers on-demand barcode label printers.

Zebra's main product line, Eltron Card Printer Products, can now be employed with Number Five's card printing software. However, the two companies will not offer the products together.

Other Number Five systems now compatible with Zebra systems include CardFive, which is a design and printing software package that links card designs to databases, encodes magnetic stripes, processes card personalization, and manages the application of overlays, laminates, holograms and scratch-off ribbon material.

CardFive also works outside Windows standards for barcodes, ribbons and overlays.

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