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YouTube releases its quarterly report, containing valuable insights for brands

As it ramps up its push towards getting more advertisers, YouTube is publishing a quarterly report full of insights for brands looking to use the platform.

This past quarter, the most successful brands on YouTube were the ones who were creating content around the World Cup. However, the report contains plenty more stats that about who’s watching YouTube videos and how they are engaging with the ads.

Along with the usual pre-roll ads we’re seeing now, YouTube product marketing manager Jim Habig recently confirmed that YouTube was experimenting with other types engagement features to go along with branded videos, including calls-to-action and product cards. This could make the platform far more attractive to the B2B crowd as it positions itself for lead capturing, rather than simple promotion.

Some of the interesting stats from the report include:

– 66% of beauty product buyers say YouTube influenced their purchases by helping them visualize how products fit into their lives.

– Ad recall improves 7x by mentioning brand name in a video ad at least twice.

– YouTube reaches more 18-34 year-olds than any cable network.

Check out the rest of YouTube’s insights for marketers in the report below (click image to download)

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