YouTube Content: 4 Tips for Brands That Want to Activate Customers

YouTube is first and foremost known for its entertainment content. However, more and more, consumers are going to YouTube to look for informational videos—everything from traditional product research to instructional how-to videos to finding the latest beauty and fashion trends from self-proclaimed authorities.

Finding a place to insert your brand voice and be heard in an environment with so much noise can be challenging, but using video to help tell a brand story is both compelling and viewed by many marketing professionals as one of the most effective content types in terms of ROI. So, how can brand marketers properly take advantage of this platform to connect with potential customers and drive engagement?

Let’s start with the basics. 

1. Defining your content strategy

You’ve decided to take the plunge and are ready to embrace your customer’s voice by leveraging user-generated videos. Good choice. Research has shown that there is a massive audience out there that isn’t moved by professional video. Some consumers prefer the authenticity and credibility typically associated with user-gen product videos. By adding UGC, a brand has a better chance of reaching the widest possible audience. It also plays into two Internet trends— consumer trust in earned media and the growing popularity of YouTube as a search engine.

2. Enlisting industry experts

Make sure you’re working with a solution provider that has the expertise and the right tools to support you on your journey. There is a broad spectrum of providers that can power consumer generated content, and you’ll want to make sure that you enlist one with a proven track record in delivering quality product videos that deliver results. The technical ability to solicit for UGC (capturing content, submitting reviews, etcetera) has been commoditized. Consider that table stakes. When selecting the right partner, be sure to look for one that is focused on and can guarantee the delivering of video content worthy of your brand’s YouTube channel.

3. Identifying authorities

Perhaps the most important step to ensuring your program’s success, and the one that is most often overlooked, is creating content that is both on equity and meets the need of your consumer.   YouTube is a high-each channel and one that requires proper alignment when considering what type of UGC is appropriate for a brand’s channel. It’s important to identify authorities within your product category when enlisting the help of your customers to help educate others through video. 

4. Generating desirable content

With the right consumers in view, you can encourage them to create informative product video on topics that are most desirable. By creating content that is highly sought after around your brand, you’re more likely to grab the attention and engage with viewers.

This is true for both generic terms as well as product-specific terms. For example, take Philips Norelco, which was able to claim three of the top five rankings for the term “multi groom razor” by including consumer generated video on its brand’s YouTube channel. When you search the term ‘Lysol wipes” you can see how Lysol’s channel is clearly taking the top slot with a consumer generated product video.

The key here is to optimize your YouTube channel with a mix of content that meets the entertainment seeking consumer as well as the potential customer using YouTube as a search destination to learn more about your brand.

Sometimes the hardest part is just showing up.

Jessica Thorpe is VP of marketing at EXPO Communications, Inc.

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