YouTube co-founder hates using Google + to leave YouTube comments

Here’s one guy who really doesn’t want to join Google +, despite the fact that Google bought his company and made him worth $64 million.

YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim doesn’t like the fact that you now have to join Google + to be able to leave comments on YouTube. He took to his YouTube channel to succinctly voice his displeasure:

Karim has kept a pretty low profile after the YouTube got sold to Google in 2006, in fact his last activity on YouTube was 8 years ago, when he uploaded the first ever video on the platform. He must have been pretty riled up to have taken to YouTube to leave that disgruntled comment yesterday.

The new rules come from Google in its effort to weed out trolls and anonymous commenters, but cynics say it’s just a way to boost Google + numbers. Regardless, it’s an annoying additional step for YouTube users, and it must be especially annoying for one of the guys who created the platform to have through jump through a hoop to use it.

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