Your search engine optimization campaign: Set it and reinvent it

Too often, many companies begin working with a search engine optimization firm and believe that the campaign will be a one-time endeavor with a finite ending.

Unfortunately, this approach often does not work in the long term. Companies deprive themselves of the benefit of data collected over time with this approach.

A successful SEO campaign requires ongoing management to continue to produce results over time. It is important to find an SEO firm that will continuously monitor and improve your campaign, even after the initial steps are complete. The ideal firm should have a primary goal of bringing better results and an increasing return on your investment.

From a technical perspective, search engines take into consideration the “freshness factor,” which means that sites with updated content will consistently rank higher than sites with outdated content. In addition, the major search engines do occasional wholesale algorithm shifts. These factors can change a site’s rankings overnight.

Beyond the technical aspects, however, consider your needs. In time, your business may have new initiatives to promote that your original SEO campaign did not address. What’s more, the way that people refer to your industry, your products and your services, as well as industry jargon, may all change over time. Your key phrases will need to be updated continously with these changes in mind.

A good SEO firm will take care of this general maintenance and keep your rankings and traffic up. A great SEO firm will use real data to continuously improve your search marketing return on investment. This kind of vendor will carefully research which search phrases are bringing visitors most likely to take the primary point of action on your site – that is, what you want people to do that leads to a sale. This vendor will continuously refocus its efforts based on these findings.

Then the firm can find additional key phrases similar to the ones already identified as valuable and add them to the campaign. New content can be added to the site to target these phrases and to increase the site’s freshness factor.

Simply put, SEO is not a one-time job.

All of these steps must be revisited and revised to keep a campaign fresh, which is why it is important to hire a reputable firm.

By targeting your key phrase portfolio, you’ll always be ahead of the game. And your SEO firm will continue to work for you to bring you valuable results.

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