Your Passport to Global Email Marketing Success

Sending email outside of the U.S. and Canada can be a daunting prospect for North American marketers—privacy regulations, ISP rules, language preferences, and time zones can leave any email marketer feeling overwhelmed. What’s more, international audiences want the same one-to-one, behaviorally-aware email experience that U.S. customers expect. Failing to live up to their expectations can mean a big dip in customer engagement and a knockout blow to your ROI.

But fear not! Attend this webinar and get the checklist every email marketer needs before sending emails outside of North America. Join Dennis Dayman, Chief Privacy and Security Officer at Return Path, and Len Shneyder, Director of Industry Relations at SparkPost, as they share their tried-and-true best practices for successfully sending email to diverse audiences around the world.

Walk away with insight into:

  • What international customers expect from your emails
  • Regulatory differences among major markets
  • How to manage international ISP rules and maintain your reputation
  • What to look for before you press “send”
  • Tips to staying ahead of the email marketing curve

BONUS: Attend the webinar and your cup of coffee’s on us! Every webinar attendee will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card.

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