You must watch this video exposing Facebook giving advertisers “fake likes”

An enterprising YouTuber who usually posts educational videos about science, decided to conduct an experiment to see just how effective Facebook ads are in getting Page likes.

The result: He got the page likes, but they all came from developing countries, where the product wasn’t being sold, and most of the profiles were fake.

Facebook has always contended that it downgrades anyone who uses click-farms to get “fake likes” on their Facebook pages. But it turns out, much of the same thing happens when you use Facebook itself to buy page likes. We’ll be waiting for Facebook to respond, something it should do sooner than later, since the video is already picking up steam, (1 million views in 48 hours)

But in the meantime, you must watch this video, which does an excellent job of explaining the perils of paying for page likes through the platform.

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