You can use Uber to call an ice-cream truck to your neighborhood

This Friday, Uber is bringing back its popular ice-cream truck promotion, which can be summoned using its app.

Here’s a time tested way to gain followers and make friends, ice cream! Uber announced on its blog that, by popular demand, it will once again be offering ice-cream trucks in your neighborhood, and all you have to do is download the app to summon them. 

Here’s how it works, according to Uber

Download the Uber app for iPhone or Android

The promotion will be available in 33 cities across the world on Friday July 19th, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

However, do keep in mind that last time they tried pulling of this stunt, things didn’t work out so great, as you can read in this story from Fast Company.  Uber even acknowledges as much with a plea accompanying its announcement. 

Demand for ice cream trucks will be very high and availability very limited. It may take multiple tries to find an available truck. Please be patient! We’ll be working all day to deliver as much ice cream as possible.

Sounds like one of those promotions that really could go either way for Uber, let us know how it goes.  And now, here’s the very cheesy video they made to accompany the promotion.

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