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Yesmail Launches a Cross-Channel Campaign Platform

Cross-channel campaign planning isn’t easy. It’s hard to adjust strategy in real time across several deployment platforms. Dealing with the data is complex and expensive. We have to tailor the message to the channel, yet the inflexible mechanics of cross-channel favor conformity.

Handling a litany of gripes like this from customers ultimately led developers at Yes Lifecycle Marketing to release a new cross-channel platform called Yesmail360i. Like most introductions in this space, it promises seamless integration and a single, intuitive dashboard. But the company appears to have designed Yesmail360i with the veteran email marketer in mind.

Split and multivariate testing, functions already situated in the wheelhouses of sophisticated emailers, are here replicated across social, display, SMS, and push. When tests are run in campaign planning, the winner is automatically selected and deployed when the campaign restarts. The single screen interface, in turn, allows users to group different touchpoints across channels for single campaigns.

Yesmail’s pumped up its real-time game with this product, promising the ability for marketers to scan billions of events over millions of users in a matter of seconds. According to Yesmail documentation, marketers can use Yesmail360i to create segments within segments by dragging and dropping and without the need for SQL queries.

The platform coalesces data across all channels and can offer up performance by individual channel in real time, Yesmail claims. In searching out commonalities across segments and customer attributes, marketers can use Yesmail360i to create Venn diagrams for easy visualization.

“This gives marketers the ability to explore big data with unmatched speed and efficacy. They can ask questions and receive answers in the train of thought,” Yes Lifecycle Marketing President Michael Fisher said in a press release.

Yesmail’s 2016 “Marketing Channel Report” contended that two thirds of retailers do not use consumer data to personalize their emails.

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