Yesmail forms alliance with EdgeCast Networks for delivery

Yesmail, an e-mail service provider and InfoGroup company, has formed a partnership with content delivery service EdgeCast Networks to deliver all of the e-mails sent through Yesmail’s service.

Yesmail sends more than 2 billion messages each month, comprising more than 50 terabytes of data. The EdgeCast Network will help increase the delivery speed of this large amount of data, as well as shorten the render time for rich media within these e-mails.

This partnership comes as Yesmail is expanding its business internationally to Asia and Europe.

“Yesmail has been growing and expanding globally, so the need for a global content delivery solution for our clients was more evident than ever,” said John Harrison, SVP of product strategy and client services at Yesmail. “We felt that EdgeCast was positioned to provide a global scale to this delivery.”

The EdgeCast Network will be available to all Yesmail clients through the Yesmail platform.

“We consider it a competitive advantage to those corporations approaching e-mail on a global level to have the same consistency and approach no matter what market they are in,” said Ryan Riggs, Yesmail’s VP of operations.

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