Yellowbook launches small business measurement, reputation management center

Local search company Yellowbook launched a series of services on October 28 to help small businesses track social media activity and measure the results of their marketing efforts online.

The Yellowbook360 Business Center allows small companies to monitor their marketing programs, as well as their online reputation.

“The Yellowbook360 Business Center is about convenience and transparency,” said Pat Marshall, chief new media officer at Yellowbook. The website also gives small businesses a profile tool that helps clients and non-clients add details and update information about their businesses on Doing so improves their placement in search results, as well as their exposure and potential leads, said Marshall.

The site also offers businesses access to a free version of ChatterHub, a reputation management service that helps them monitor and react to what’s being said about them online. 

ChatterHub aggregates online reviews and mentions so marketers can respond directly to consumers on social media networks. It also lets members see what consumers are saying online about their competitors. The service is available both to Yellowbook clients and non-clients who register for the site.

Marshall said the Yellowbook360 Business Center will add a number of enhancements and tools in coming months to improve client customization and marketing resources.

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