Yahoo to launch global brand awareness effort

Yahoo will launch a global marketing campaign to build worldwide brand awareness on September 28. The company announced the effort at Advertising Week on September 22.

The campaign, which boasts a $100 million ad budget across traditional and digital media for the next 15 months, seeks to make Yahoo, in the words of CEO Carol Bartz, “the center of people’s online lives.” The effort focuses on the idea of “Y!ou” and promotes Yahoo as a personalized experience for each individual.

“This is the end of the one-size-fits-all Internet. The value proposition is to focus on offering consumers a personalized experience, and at the same time offer a more targeted audience to advertisers,” said Elisa Steele, CMO of Yahoo.

The company also wants to acquire new users, while retaining existing ones, with the effort.

“Advertisers follow consumers, so the goal is to build circulation,” Bartz said at a press conference.

The campaign includes TV, print, online display, search, video and rich media components. Yahoo conceived the creative with Ogilvy, and developed the strategy with Landor Associates.

Yahoo’s new product offerings, announced August 24, include a revised search experience called SearchMonkey, an updated e-mail service and social networking integration.

The company is also using the campaign to educate consumers about personalization features. Yahoo has offered homepage personalization since 1996, but only 15% of users have used it since then.

“This is not just an ad campaign, it is about educating consumers about our products,” said Tapan Bhat, SVP of integrated consumer experiences at Yahoo.

To gauge the success of the campaign, Yahoo will measure two specific metrics: Consumers’ emotional connection and bond with the brand, and performance as measured by an increase in users and an increase in time spent on the site.

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